Dark Side Dangerous - 5

by Lee Allure
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($) You know that money is power. Because you love to be financially controlled, you're the weak one, and must keep turning your money over to a strong woman in order for that balance to be maintained. This is a stand alone audio. No others are required, but Sticky & Love Dart go VERY well in front of it, and the POPC series is a potent chaser.

Why is this dangerous to you? Well, if you've listened to any of my files, you probably know how effective and powerful they are. And some of you might just be tempted to listen because you think you can still resist things I say. This is a financial domination audio. What does that mean? It means that you'll listen, then want to contribute. Helplessly. Devotedly. Repeatedly. You'll love that feeling of being controlled through your piggy bank, wallet, bank account. If this is not your cup of tea, just move along, nothing to see here...

Lee introduces the Dark Side Files, enticing you to listen, cautioning you why you shouldn't!
Should you choose to listen, these files are meant to be listened to in the following order:
Deep Deep Trance
Sticky Sweet
Love Dart
Dangerous (Standalone - optional)
Soles & Toes (Standalone - optional)
Pleasure Overload

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