Latex Encasement

by Lee Allure
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Release: Dec 2010
Length: 23 minutes

Latex Encasement: This Free audio is for anyone who likes or is turned on by the idea of tight latex/rubber bondage. Arousal, femdom, latex, erotic, bondage, immobilization, helplessness.

I created a file about latex almost as a lark, after a friend and I had a discussion about a colored light I had him see during a trance, which led to a discussion about balloons, and The Prisoner, and eventually, to Latex Encasement. The response to that audio from people interested in latex was so strong, and led to some other interesting discussions about what latex is for them, that other ideas keep piling up. The next audio available is based on a discussion I had one morning with RubberDoll. I anticipate making latex hypnosis files available on a slightly irregular basis. Your feedback is welcomed.

23 minutes

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