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Liv Wilde is an independant Dutch erotic hypnotist. Her passion is in working with men, ladies and couples to create erotic hypnosis that improves orgasms, improves sexual desire and just make people hornier. These erotic hypnosis sessions are good for submission, domination, masturbation, orgasm control, fetish play, tease and denial, orgasm enhancement and arousal. Liv also narrates erotic stories.
Liv is a creative talent; she writes her own scripts, makes her own session covers, adds her own music, AND fully maintains her own web store and social sites.

(I am no longer creating new hypnosis sessions, however they are still available for those interested. Send me an email: [email protected])
 •  BDSM / Femdom Hypnosis 6  •  Foot Fetish 1  •  For Ladies 1  •  For Couples 1  •  Hands Free Orgasm 1  •  Tease & Denial 1  •  JOI / Guided/Forced Masturbation 6  •  Fantasy / Roleplay 3  •  Health / Hypnotherapy / Self Improvement 1  •  Bondage 1  •  General Erotic 6
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