by Miss Ellechemy
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Release: Nov 2017
Length: 22:12

Mistress Ellechemy has had something up her shiny snug sleeve for some time now. Lucky for you, She has decided that you are ready to be TRANSFIXED.Mental domination of the variety that actually transforms a subject is a rare find. As you become more and more TRANSFIXED, Mistress Ellechemy will fine tune your mind to Her powerful frequency where you can discover a new spot to enjoy feeling penetrated.

All you need to do next is download and listen to this session and, as you become helplessly, involuntarily TRANSFIXED, all of the pieces will begin to fall perfectly into place: you are now being controlled by Mistress Ellechemy.

Clip length: 00:22:12
Posted: 11/07/2017
File size: 50.82 MB
Category: Mindfuck
Secondary categories: Mesmerize, Hypno-Robo, Orgasm Control, Female Domination, Domination

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