Cum Clean

by Mistress Amethyst
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Length: 31 minutes
CEI Couples

Cum Clean
Deep hypnotic programming for Erotic Creampie clean up – MP3 for couples. Turn your fantasy into a reality – lick your wife or girlfriend clean after sex

Hypnosis MP3 – Erotic Creampie clean up for couples

Turn your fantasy into a reality – lick your wife clean after sex.

This deep programming hypnosis MP3 uses NLP, repetitions, and layered tracks to brainwash your mind into following through on your desire to show your wife/girlfriend how much her pleasure means to you.

Cleaning her after sex is a way to extend her pleasure, as well as demonstrate how you worship her.


Induction: Includes some “Deep” (snap) triggering
Multi voice track programming / Layered voice tracks
Main voice track has a left/right effect (similar to Obedient Mind)
Creampie Fetish
Style: Heavy programming using NLP, repetitions & layered tracks
Count Up at the end
Audience: Male; No specific mention of “wife” or “girlfriend” – only “her” is mentioned.
31 Minutes

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