Eruption - Female Orgasm

by Mistress Amethyst
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Length: 35 minutes

Eruption – Female Orgasm
A combination of feminization and hands free orgasm hypnosis training by FemDom Mistress Amethyst. Feel what it’s like to cum like a girl.

I’m going to make you cum like a girl!

I know you’re curious… and with this training, I’m going to help you experience what most boys want to feel – a full body, female orgasm

Drop down into a deep state of trance, while I take control over your mind and body. Your body begins to transform and reshape itself into a female form, full of sensitive pleasure nerves. I have you explore your new body, rubbing all the sensitive spots.

Feeling pulsing arousal flowing through your body, I take over and rub you into an explosive, long lasting, full body, female orgasm.


Audience: Male; Feminization and/or Sissy
Multi voice track programming / Layered voice tracks
Masturbation Instructions; Yes for a portion of the file
Cum Command: Yes
Count Up At End: Yes
35 Minutes

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