Mind Fuck Mantra - Stroker Elf

by Mistress Amethyst
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Release: 2016
Length: 30 minutes

Mind Fuck Mantra – Stroker Elf
Christmas themed FemDom hypnosis featuring mantras that will turn you into an horny, obedient stoker elf for Mistress Amethyst. JOI, masturbation hypno

This Christmas, I want to turn you into a stroker elf!

The Christmas season has arrived, therefore, it’s time to transform you into one of my horny elves. Lay back, close your eyes, and repeat the sexy mantras that I give to you.

As in all of my Mind Fuck Mantra files, while you are chanting your mantras, your subconscious mind will be bombarded with erotic whispered tracks to taunt and arouse you.


Multi voice track / Layered voice tracks / Whisper ASMR track
Audience: Submissive male
Cum Command: Yes, but very subtle in the background
No Count Up at the end
24 Minutes + 6 Minutes of layered whispered tracks at the end

Categories: FemDom Hypnosis, Guided Masturbation / JOI, Personalize -- Full Length, Seasonal, Submissive Training
Tags: christmas, elf, JOI, mantra, masturbation, mind fuck mantra, stroker, Submission, whispers

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