Slip Into Amethyst Addiction

by Mistress Amethyst
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Length: 15 minutes

you’re not afraid of a little Amethyst Addiction, are you?  Of course not!

Slip into a mindless state of erotic trance, while I program your mind to become so very addicted to my voice.

You are so addicted to this feeling, my voice, and to the control that I have over you.  Each time that you listen, the effect is more powerful and you become more addicted than before.  You find yourself needing, wanting and craving more of my voice.

By using the SLIP trigger in this deep hypnotic loop, you can listen over and over, sinking deeper into that mindlessly bliss hypnotic state each time.  I dare you to listen again, and again!

Before listening to this audio, please listen to my FREE MP3, Slip Into Mindlessness, so that the SLIP trigger can be deeply programmed within your mind.  The Slip trigger primes your mind so that any hypnotic programming that I give to you, will become deeply absorbed.

And just imagine how powerful it would be to have me whispering your name as I program you to become mindlessly addicted!  Mmmm that’s hot!

Features:   SLIP trigger, multiple track layering;  programming file for Amethyst Addiction 15 minutes of FemDom & Erotic hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst of Copyright 2015

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