Amazon Invasion

by Mistress Candice
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Release: Sep 2013
Length: 30 minutes

Let go and drift away to a beautiful fairy tale land far far away. Waking up from your hypnotic trance in a beautiful wooded area. The sounds of nature are so soothing but then you hear a little something out of place. A spaceship has landed.

It has transported beautiful Women who are on a mission. You watch from afar until one particular gorgeous Amazon discovers you.. Her scent permeates your senses. You are now Hers. You try to run, you try to struggle., they place a clear collar around your neck that sends arousing energy through your body. You struggle no more.

You are then taken back to the spaceship where you are stripped, prodded, and your bodies reactions to the feminine form are tested. The "stiffening" between legs and the collar around your neck lets you know that this is true. How does this all end? It doesn't. You will discover that this is just the beginning! You will learn that what you truly desire may be here for you already if you are simply willing to look for it! If you want release you must submit!

Release date: 09/2013
Vocal Sound Effects: yes
Background Music: yes
Overdubbing Vocals: no
Length: 30+ minutes

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