Cross Training

by Mistress Candice
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This special hypnotic mp3 is simple and striking. Taking you through a deeply hypnotic induction you find yourself strapped into St. Andrews cross. The restraints keep your naked body spread eagle. I tease, tickle and taunt you. Though this is a device for both pleasure and pain today it is only for PLEASURE. Dressed my leathers you will feel the weight of my body pressed to yours as you try not to moan with sheer lust. The nails sliding across your skin, the feather that creates the goosbump a slow ride up to the edge and then you are mine! This is the start of a new format for my recordings, a new style. Even though I am as wicked as ever I have decide to cut down the number of Submissive who will be blessed enough to hear this recording. I will only offer this to a limited number of people. Once that number is hit the price will sky rocket.

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