Cuck N Suck

by Mistress Candice
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Length: 35 minutes

35+ min Cuck n suck a true cuckold experience. There is no forced bi in this recording although you will be used as human lubrication. You start off preparing mistress for her date, bath, scents, Panties, garter and little black dress. You set the mood of the room with music and lighting. Mixing drinks for mistresses very special very well hung guest. While Mistress and her stud are entangled in their sexual embrace you are called to be human lubricant. The thickness of my lover makes every thrust in need of more lubricant. When the passion is over you will be called upon to clean up the cream pie. Mistresses panties and garter are far too expensive to be stained with seed. As I am still aroused you will bring me to climax while you clean me and my lover watches and then discarded like a dirty tissue until next time. Yes you may cum while bringing me to climax but if you don't, no one cares you are a third wheel.

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