Dirty Mind

by Mistress Candice
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Length: 34:40

Wicked Mistress Candice clears your mind with a cleansing trance-notic induction only to fill it with the dirty little thoughts and images that will consume your mind. Exploiting every day sights by turning them into triggers. Your dirty mind will only get dirtier and dirtier and your body wont be able to help but respond the way I want it to, when I want it to and where I want it to! Where there is a dirty mind there is a dirty boy to follow! Dirty thoughts lead to dirty actions and the uncontrollable responses of your own body will betray you.

This entire video has GRAPHIC NUDITY. In 2009 I created this as an audio file and have now taken it and added some tracks and video to make it a very dirty, long video!

This is the longest video I have.


Post trance Triggers

Format: WMV, MP4, Download
Vocal Sound Effects: slight
Soft Background Music: yes
Overdubbing Vocals: yes
Length: 34 minutes, 40 seconds

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