Fun Fuck Fairy

by Mistress Candice
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Release: May 2014
Length: 30 minutes

This recording is all about having a little fun. Letting me take your mind and body on a magical journey and turn you into the cock sucking, cock fucking little fairy you have always longed to be...literally. This recording has no long term effects, everything stays contained within the experience provided. However If you have always wanted to be a cock sucking fairy and you end up enjoying the reality of it you may find yourself wanting more but other than that there are no suggestions or instructions to do more than I'm going to have you do here. First the transformation from you to the tiny sweet little winged fairy and as you trance you transform until you are all the way through the woods and to Barbie's house. You walk in and Barbie is no where to be found. The door shuts behind you and all the doors and windows dissolve into walls except one. One window looks out into the forest where you see Barbie. She is locked out. Only your magical power can let Barbie back into her house. You press your palms to the glass and Barbie does the same and in no time Barbie is sucked through the glass but now...YOU are in BARBIES body and she has a date! Barbie tries on her clothes finding just the right sexy dress in time for her hot stripper to appear. What Barbie feels you feel, what Barbie wants you want and right now Barbie wants to get her groove on with her hot, well hung male stripper and you my little fairy are along for the cock sucking, cock fucking ride of your life!

Cum cummand

Release date: 05/2014
Vocal Sound Effects: Yes
Soft Background Music: yes
Overdubbing Vocals: yes
Length: 30+ minutes

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