by Mistress Candice
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Release: Jan 2014
Length: 31 minutes

One of my favorite fantasies! You are hypnotically transported to your car. You are driving down an old country road in the moonlight. You must be somewhere in the midwest as you pass row after row of corn. It's dark but there is a full moon lighting your way. You can see you are low on gas but there isn't a gas station or store in site. You keep driving getting a little worried and the middle of nowhere an old time general store with a single old gas pump. You pull in but can't figure out how to use the gas pump. You walk into the empty general store and there, behind the counter is a Daisy Duke look a like. A hot tight body. A pretty face framed with a long flowing mane of hair. Her large breasts pulled tightly together by a tiny little top and her little tiny cut offs show off her tight, flat tummy. She looks at you like a starving woman would look at a steak. As she slowly but surely seduces you all your fears of being lost in the middle of nowhere fade away. She wants you and you want her. She leads you to the back double doors, ripping your clothes off as you go.

She leads you to the barn with several stalls, luring you into a stall where you can have privacy. Some how she manages to get you naked and tied to bench where a hole has been perfectly situated and your cock fits neatly through. She begins to milk you through the hole and her breasts now bare bounce as she milks. She is trying to get you to cum. She attaches a MILKING machine to your hardening shaft. Telling you to cum, squeezing and milking you but you can't. You don't know why you just can't. She moves around behind you and begins to slide her fingers slowly in your tight puckered ass. She is determined. She will make you cum one way or the other. Why the machine milks you from the outside she slides her fingers to the inside. Time for a little finger banging! She wants a bucket full and she's not going to quit until she gets it!

Cock milking-Anal milking

Release date: 01/2014
Vocal Sound Effects: Yes
Soft Background Music: yes
Overdubbing Vocals: yes
Length: 31+ minutes

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