by Mistress Candice
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Release: May 2011
Length: 22 minutes

My personal favorite fetish. Men in panties. If I had it my way the only underwear a man would be allowed to wear is that of a frilly femininely soft nature! This Video works toward that end! Watch and allow me to guide you through a dream like state, conditioning through experience. Creating triggers and then reinforcing them through the pleasurable state created through obedience and panties! Not only will I get the most obedient in the panties but conditioned to do so even when not in session. Rubbing, squeezing and stroking this video does have nudity and a cum command along with programming. If you have your panties on you wont need a towel! Especially if you enjoy POV shots!

WARNING **There is some nudity **

Post hypnotic Triggers, fetish

Release date: 05/2011
Format: .wmv Download
Vocal Sound Effects: Yes
Background Music: yes
Overdubbing Vocals: yes
Length: Approx 22 min

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