Party Favor

by Mistress Candice
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Release: Nov 2010
Length: 29 minutes

A beautiful garden filled with beautiful women in soft breezy summer dresses and big brimmed hats. Sprinkled throughout the lunching ladies are beautiful women dressed in leather. It is clear this all female party with the finger foods and punch bowls is more than what it appears to be.

A gathering of Dominatrix's some dressed and waiting for you others in disarming attire. The moment you step in the garden you become weak with submission and it feels sooooo good. Mistress Candice leads you through the crowd to a roman pedestal upon which you are perched. You are the entertainment and your body is willing even if your mind struggles. Touching, feeling, feminine hands reach out to touch your submissive curves as you are guided through the task of masturbating for our viewing pleasure!

This recording is based on a real Dominatrix party and hasn't any triggers other than enjoying your experience. So if you just want a small break from your reality and a glimpse into the life of a submissive this is perfect for you!

Obedience-BDSM- guided masturbation-exhibitionism

Release date: 11/2010
Vocal Sound Effects: Yes
Soft Background Music: yes
Overdubbing Vocals: yes
Length: 29+ min

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