Swallow and Cum

by Mistress Candice
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Release: Oct 2013
Length: 30 minutes

This dual purpose recording not only takes the listener through an erotic, orgasmic FORCED bi experience but it engrains within the mind a link between swallowing and cumming. You want to cum? First you must swallow!!!

This hot hypnotic recording takes you to a party where you have fun and mingle. While the party goes on you can see from the corner of your eye a group of women beginning to undress. All the men in the room turn to watch as the women in the room all gravitate toward the orgiastic feast of flesh between the women. As you men stand there watching you can feel the intoxicating power of the pheromones pulling on your shaft. It's intoxicating! Before you know it the men in the room are stripping down and having a fleshy dog pile of their own. This hot penetrating flesh is reaching out for you! Flesh pressed to flesh you can't tell where one man starts and the other ends. The sounds, the smells, the feel of hot bodies writhing and then you feel hand reaching for you. You turn to look and there slapping you across the face big fat meaty treat working its way past your eager hungry lips. You lick, suck and slurp as you feel a frantic tongue slithering around your balls. You feel yourself about to explode but you cant. Even as streams of hot cum explode across your back you cant cum until you feel it shoot across your tongue and SWALLOW! Once you swallow then you will be triggered to cum!! This is an orgiastic delight you don't want to miss!

Theta waves, over lays, Post hypnotic triggers, cum command

Release date: 10/13
Vocal Sound Effects: yes
Soft Background Music: yes
Overdubbing Vocals: yes
Length: 30 minutes

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