by Mistress Candice
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Release: Apr 2012
Length: 29 minutes

Triggers are a beautiful thing. With a simple command you can be driven to your knees without thought. An automatic response to a sound or suggestion given to you while under hypnosis. Lets face it, you already want to masturbate you already want to cum and you want to do it when told. Here I make something you hear every day your trigger. Sounds easy doesn't it? Making a sound that is so common in YOUR everyday life that you tune it out and forget it is even there the trigger to your body's automatic arousal. The once benign sound is now your trigger. The gateway to orgasm. No worries pet, it's not permanent However I will seal the trigger with your own orgasm during session so that oozes into your every day life! The more you listen the more effective this trigger will become.

What is the trigger you ask? Why ruin the fun. If you really want to know I'll tell you, just email me, other wise know that it wont hurt you. Just enjoy!

Recorded in Studio and there is most definitely and repeatedly a cum command

Release date: 04/2012
Vocal Sound Effects: Yes
Soft Background Music: yes
Overdubbing Vocals: no
Length: 29 + min

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