Teachers Pet - hypno naughty

by Mistress Candice
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Are you an unruly student in need of straightening out? Maybe just an over achiever who wants better grades and is willing to do anything to get the grades you want? Or maybe you are dirty little bitch failing class and you need to pass or else? Do any of these fantasies get your attention? Then your going to love Teachers pet!! Taking you through hypnosis to a classroom and school is over. The dismissal bell has rung. All of your classmates are leaving. They are going home. But not you my pet. You know that the bell doesn't dismiss you... Only I dismiss you. You are my pet. You await anxiously as the last student leaves the classroom. You know that you are not permitted to leave. Knowing your failing this class you know your hot teacher who you and your friends lust after is about to fail you maybe even kick you out. How do you go from failing to being teachers pet? Find out!

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