Ulimate Submissive

by Mistress Candice
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Hot Erotic hypnosis where your orgasm will seal your fate! This has Bi neural beats, theta waves and about 10 tracks of technology to take you down and away "What is it like to truly be free from all inhibitions and all restrictions that might keep you from offering your complete and total obedience and submission to your Mistress? You will find out when you experience “Ultimate Submissive” by Mistress Candice. You will feel the euphoria from within when you realize the feelings of living for the benefit and betterment of your Mistress and not for yourself. You will want to be the best submissive that you can be! Your true desire is now to learn and be able to provide what SHE wants. To listen to Her so intently that you know how to please Her every whim and want. You will internalize intent and absorb the powerful submissive feelings you so crave and that will give you true meaning to your very existence! You will want to be the most effective servant you can possibly be. You will want to be the “Ultimate Submissive”! The energy of this wonderful recording is very obvious. You will follow automatically every instruction and command as desire builds to insatiable levels! You will feel an intensity that will grow and grow until by Her command, you will be rewarded with an orgasm so incredible that your eyes will roll back in your head! Listen to “Ultimate Submissive” and become the most effective submissive that you can possibly be!"

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