Aching and Edging

by Mistress Carol
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Length: 39:26

Mistress Carol will drop you gently and easily into trance with a slow, sexy, effective and audial pleasing induction. Trance will sneak up on you and once securely in her grasp, she will direct you to follow her every instruction. Slow sexual seduction is Mistress Carol's specialty and equally powerful is her dominant hypnotic control. You will edge for her, stroking your cock obediently just as she instructs. You will ache to come, but, that is not the training she has planned for you in this session boy. You will edge for her only and reaffirm that Mistress Carol owns your cock. If sales of this session please Mistress Carol, she will insert a longer edging portion into this session for purchasers who desire longer control for no additional charge.

This sessions features:

Electronic MP3 download
There is no copyright warning on this session for looping
Listen with head phones/buds for best results
Instructed Masturbation
Edging - no coming
Count up wakener at the end
Studio production quality recording

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