Breaking and Entering

by Mistress Carol
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Release: Jul 2019
Length: 39:25

Breaking and Entering is the follow on session to Unlawful Entry. Listening to Unlawful Entry is not required, but you would miss out on the trigger placed inside of it. In Breaking and Entering, Mistress Carol will empty your mind then open it covertly with a little key she left behind when she broke into your mind with Unlawful Entry. Be prepared for multi-layered tracks of her whispers and voice to program you thoroughly then leave you in an extreme state of arousal.

This session features:
Electronic Mp3 download
Multi-layered pull down into trance
Heavy programming
Multi-layered voices
Trigger usage
Extreme arousal suggestions
Trigger word usage
Slave reference
Some profanity
Listening to Unlawful Entry is highly recommended (but not mandatory)
Bilateral brainwave entrainment
Background music
Recording studio production quality

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