by Mistress Carol
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Length: 51:17

I want to train your mind to find deep hypnosis quickly and easily so I may program it and amuse myself inside my playground, also known as your mind. In this deep trance session I will lull you into a warm gentle trance with a relaxing conversational induction and deepener. Then the fun starts. I will open your mind and train it installing a new trigger word that takes you deep, fast, as you simply freefall irresistibly into mindless obedience and submission experiencing an endless freefall into deep hypnosis and my hypnotic control. This will be fun boy. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR DEEP TRANCE LOVERS BY MC.

This session features:

Electronic MP3 download
Relaxing induction and deepener
Themes of submission and obedience
Mind control
Hypnotic trigger word placement
Deep trance
No wake command - perfect for bedtime
Sleep and dream enhancer
Suitable for looping
Delta brainwave technology
Background music and vocals
Recording studio production quality
Session length is 51:17

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