Hopelessly Mindfucked Harder

by Mistress Carol
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Length: 36:51

If you thought Mind F*cked and Hopeless was intense, you might not be able to handle Hopelessly Mindf*cked Harder. This extremely sexy session is filled with extremely effective hypnosis. I will open your mind and penetrate it deeper and you will take it without resistance only wet and lusting for more. I will take you and turn you into my mind slut ravaging your mind and leaving it raw and aching.

If you've been considering a session personalization I highly recommend this session - Mistress Carol

This session features:

Electronic MP3 download
Conversational induction
Deep trance
Use of triggers
Post hypnotic amnesia suggestion
Background music and vocals
Brainwave technology
No prerequisite
No wake command
Recording studio production quality
Session length is 36:51

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