Mistress Carol's "Simply Feel"

by Mistress Carol
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Get onto my carousel, drop into deep sleep, and into my hypnotic control. This is where I will program you with two new triggers to bind you closer to me and I will use the trigger words in The Gift to make your cock huge for me to play with. You will FEEL for me. You WILL FEEL me, from my kiss, to my gloved fingers on your nipples, and my lips on your cock, YOU WILL FEEL. This session is extremely sensual, sexy and you will want to come for me.

Themes: Deep hypnotic trance, hypnotic bondage, kissing, nipple play, hand job, blow job, hands free orgasm. Affects: Background music, binaural beats, drum and heart beats, and heavy background vocals. This session does not have a wake command and is perfect for listening before bedtime.

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