by Mistress Carol
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Length: 33:02

BEWARE - THIS SESSION CAUSES INTENSE AROUSAL. Your libido doesn't stand a chance.

I will take you down gently into hypnosis, then my fun starts. I will program your weak and compliant mind to make your cock throbbing hard producing intense arousal when you wake but when you wake you won't remember the contents of this session. I love programming you then deleting my programming from your mind.

This session features:
Electronic MP3 download
Relaxing induction
Sexy deepener
Hypnotic trigger word usage from Obliterate, Freefall and Hook, Line and Sinker
Hypnotic trigger placement
Post hypnotic instructions including intense arousal
Post hypnotic amnesia
Light whispers
Sexy swearing (contains profanity)
Background music
Bilateral binaural beats
Recording studio production quality
Session length is 33:02

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