Subconscious Submission

by Mistress Carol
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Length: 42:25

Once deeply hypnotized with a conversational induction and a sinking deepener, I will train your subconscious mind to become a better submissive using many layers of my voice to raise your arousal level, training your mind to serve me and other dominant women you choose, programming you to concentrate on our wants and ridding yourself of your own selfish males desires. If you are under the control of a dominant woman or simply want to be, this session will open you mind to allow it to happen.

This session features:

Electronic Mp3 download
Conversational I\induction
Sinking deepener
Deep trance
Trigger usage
Arousal suggestions
Surrender of will
Hypnotic control
Female superiority
Attraction to alpha females
Service to me and other dominant women
Deep subconscious programming
No wake command making this session loopable for night use
Background vocals and music
Quiet metronome
Brainwave entrainment
Recording studio production quality
Session length is 42:25

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