Succubus Surrender

by Mistress Carol
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Length: 33 minutes

You enter deep trance with a slow erotic staircase induction and find yourself at the door of Mistress Carol's mansion. Mistress Carol's maid seats you and offers you a glass of water. Soon sleep overcomes you and you find yourself lying on Mistress Carol's bed. Mistress Carol, seated on her antique carved chair in the corner, gives her succubus permission to use but not destroy you. She feeds upon your sexual need using your body to regain her energy, your orgasm giving her exactly what she needs. This session has no wake command and is perfect for listening to before sleep.

Session Includes:

Relaxation and Deepening Instructions
Succubus Sex Fantasy
Hands-Free Orgasm
Background Music and Vocals
Brainwave Entrainment

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