The Devotion Room

by Mistress Carol
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Length: 43:34

You know how much you love going deep for me and proving your devotion. With a wonderful progressive relaxation induction followed by fractionation to drop you deeper, I will wrap you like a cocoon in my control and place my collar on your neck. One quick trigger and you are down for good. You will follow my commands perfectly and obediently as you edge for me as long as I wish. I will let you come eventually, but it will be on my terms. In my dungeon you do exactly as I say, edging, burning, mindlessly stroking until you spill your devotion into my gloved hand exactly when told.

Themes: Sexy deep hypnosis, control, devotion, edging, controlled masturbation.
Effects: Progressive relaxation, fractionation, background music, background vocals, binaural beats.
Session length is 43:34.
Session size is 99.7 MB.

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