Turn of the Cards

by Mistress Carol
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Length: 42:33

I want to play a little game with you and this is a game in which we both shall win. This smart sexy session, Turn of the Cards, will turn even the most resistant listener into a hypnotized puddle before my feet. I will use simple playing cards, you watching and waiting for the Queen of Hearts while simultaneously becoming more and more hypnotized with every card I turn over. Then, I will use my crystal pendant nestled between my breasts to drop you even deeper. Your suggestibility will be off the charts allowing me to program you with a trigger word I can use to drop you quickly to this deep level with minimal effort on my part and I will test my trigger on you several times to be sure if works just the way I want it to. I love hypnotizing you and I love playing games. Your mind is mine as you become my toy to play with as I turn over the cards.

Session Includes:

Relaxation and Deepening Instructions
Use of Crystal Pendant Deepener
Hypnotic Trigger Word Usage
Hypnotic Trigger Word Placement
Background Music and Vocals
Brainwave Entrainment

PERSONAL NOTE (only visible to you)
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