Ladies First

by Mistress Clarissa
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Length: 39:27

In this file elite London based Professional Dominatrix Mistress Clarissa reveals just how much she loves to control and tease her slaves. Mistress stealthily and apparently effortlessly takes you into a deep trance, explaining the apparatus of hypnosis as you fall under her spell. Once she has overpowered your mind and lulled you into a sensual stupor with her lovely soft melodic voice its not long before she seduces you into total hypnotic surrender and submission at which point Mistress delights in teasing you by sitting on your face and using the dildo gag to take her pleasure whilst you helplessly wait for yours, because of course in a FemDom world ladies always cum first. Its an exquisite torture waiting for Mistress to trigger you, being teased so intensely, feeling so aroused and so submissive, squirming with pleasure as you understand that your orgasm like the rest of your body and soul is under her control, is owned by her.

Themes include: female domination, CFNM, trance, slave training, bondage, trigger, tease, face dildo, panties as gag, orgasm control. 39m27s

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