Beta Training - Brainwashing

by Mistress Leslie
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Release: Aug 2018
Length: 33 minutes

We both know your dirty little secret, you are walking through life pretending not to want what you really want. You want to be a beta male for a powerful Woman. Lucky boy I’m that Woman! Today you start your training… shut up, lay down and simply listen. I am going to wash that man brain and turn you into My personal beta bitch, enjoy!

This intense brainwashing file uses real hypnosis techniques like NLP, triggers, post hypnotic triggers, confusion, overloading brain subliminal messages, new triggers, beta male correction, a very intense count down, and lots more. At its core its a mind control file that uses brainwashing elements that produce long term change. It features an arousal trigger, brainwaves, subliminal messages, and will wear you down until you are ready to become My little beta bitch… the more you listen the more you will transform!

Length: 33 minutes
Format: mp3 download
Effects: yes, beautifully and skillfully used with purpose,
Music: light music & highly effective delta brain waves added
Overdubbing vocals: yes, many intense mind control layers over lapping and mind fucking you hard

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Tagged: arousal trigger, brainwashing, confusion induction, deep trance, femdom hypnosis, hypnosis, love and addiction hypnosis, mind control, post hypnotic suggestion, programming, slave training, slavery, triggers

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