Brain Off

by Mistress Leslie
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Release: May 2017
Length: 32 minutes

Sometimes it would be easier if you just turned off your brain, if you let Me do the thinking for you. Lucky boy, today during this deep intense trance file I’m going to free you of all thoughts that don’t come from Me. Im going to flip a switch, enter your brain and take over. Enjoy this breath taking brainwashing trance… I know you have been waiting for it, and the great thing is you will remember to forget so that it feels new each time you listen to it. No worries I don’t do anything wicked while you are deep under for Me. hahahaha

This file is real hypnosis and mind control/brainwashing and contains these features- confusion induction, conversational/covert hypnosis, amnesia, intelligence draining, ASMR, trigger implantation, brainwaves added, post hypnotic conditioning, arousal triggers, slave training mind control, over dubbing, subliminal messages, NLP, deep relaxation imagery, and so much more. Be aware hypnosis and mind control are real and you are being trained to submit to Me, Mistress Leslie.

Length: 32 minutes
Format: mp3 download
Effects: yes, beautifully and skillfully used with purpose,
Music: light music & highly effective delta brain waves added
Overdubbing vocals: yes to drive you deeper, and render you powerless

Posted in: FemDom, Mind Control - Brainwashing MP3s
Tagged: amnesia, arousal trigger, ASMR, brainwashing, conditioning, confusion induction, conversational hypnosis, covert hypnosis, deep trance, femdom, femdom hypnosis, intelligence draining, love and addiction hypnosis, post hypnotic suggestion, slave training, slavery, tease & denial, triggers, whispers

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