Breast Infatuation

by Mistress Leslie
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Release: Aug 2014
Length: 29 minutes

You can’t take your eyes off those big tits, they make you weaker and weaker as the pendant swings between them… down down down

I will make you a slave to My magnificent big breasts in this highly sexually charged hypnotic trance. The truth is I know you do anything for Me while staring at them, and I use them to drain your power… you become weaker and weaker each moment you look, and you simply can’t look away.

In this hot breast hypnosis session, I use breast fixation, swinging pendant imagery, countdown, NLP, arousal trigger, JOI, tease and denial, brain wave technology, relaxing music, brainwashing, subliminals, and orgasm triggers.

Length: 29 minutes
Format: mp3 download
Effects: yes, skillfully used with purpose
Music: soft, also low frequency delta brain waves
Overdubbing vocals: yes

Posted in: Fantasy Erotic Hypnosis, Totally Dirty Hypnosis MP3s
Tagged: arousal trigger, brainwashing, Breast Fetish, deep trance, Fantasy Erotic Hypnosis, femdom hypnosis, JOI, mind control, orgasm trigger, programming, triggers

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