Dazed - Brainwashed

by Mistress Leslie
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Release: Jun 2018
Length: 33 minutes

I use an intense deeply hypnotic brainwashing to completely manipulate your mind and body as I build an the ultimate compulsion, one that forces you to feel totally out of control with the pleasure I force on your mind, emotions, and body! Stroke or lay still, it won’t matter you will still feel the waves of intense pleasurable euphoria that only fuck you in the end. You will be Mine and you will be totally powerless. Enjoy My little self fucking puppet! hahahaha That mushy little man brain will be all Mine soon!

This over the top mind control file uses traditional hypnosis techniques and total confusion mind blowing brain washing/mind control methods. Featuring but not limited to progressive body relaxation, NLP, past trigger words, confusion, brain wave technology, mind numbing sound effects designed to trance your mind, JOI, forced orgasm, deep subliminal messages, possible handsfree orgasm, love addiction, post hypnotic suggestion and triggers, intense multiple voice layers, and leaves the listener totally fucked in every way.

*Be aware that repeat listening to this file will create a deep compulsion to submit sexually & hypnotically to Mistress Leslie in the future.

Length: 33 minutes
Format: mp3 download
Effects: yes, beautifully and skillfully used with mind blowing purpose
Music: yes light, but powerful powerful delta brain waves added
Overdubbing vocals: yes, many confusing breath taking layers will sink you deep and control your mind

Posted in: Addictive & Love for Mistress, BDSM Fetish Hypnosis Mp3s, FemDom, Mind Control - Brainwashing MP3s, Totally Dirty Hypnosis MP3s
Tagged: brainwashing, conditioning, confusion induction, deep trance, femdom hypnosis, hands free orgasm trigger, JOI, love and addiction hypnosis, mind control, orgasm trigger, post hypnotic suggestion, programming, slave training, slavery, triggers, whispers

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