SNAP- Listen Sleep

by Mistress Leslie
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Release: May 2016
Length: 31 minutes

During this blissful amazingly mind spinning deep intense trance I use classic hypnosis techniques like a count down and count up, NLP, confusion, conversational, covert, progressive relaxation, eye fixation, fractionation, delta brain waves, lots of finger snaps to take you deeper all while implanting a very deep post hypnotic suggestive trigger into your helpless aroused man brain, rendering your mind open to experiencing My total control and keeping you coming back for more and getting more out of each trance with Me. This erotic trance includes, trigger words, mind emptying, love and addiction elements and mind control/brainwashing. It maybe My most hypnotic trance to date, it certainly includes much of My big bag of tricks all in one long deep file.

It is perfect for a beginner as well as the very advanced trance junky. Enjoy and understand by listening you will be back for more and more and more and more…

Length: 31 minutes
Format: mp3 download
Effects: yes, beautifully and skillfully used with purpose,
Music: very light soundscape soft highly effective non detectable delta brain waves
Overdubbing vocals: yes

Posted in: Addictive & Love for Mistress, FemDom
Tagged: arousal trigger, ASMR, brainwashing, confusion induction, conversational hypnosis, deep trance, feel good hypnosis, femdom hypnosis, fractionation induction, love and addiction hypnosis, post hypnotic suggestion, slave training, slavery, triggers, whispers

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