Totally Confused

by Mistress Leslie
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Release: Dec 2015
Length: 26 minutes

A masterpiece of total confusion and mind brain freeze! Oh so sweet and stupid, wipe the dribble off your chin. Eventually your IQ will go back up, and your mind will fully return, but not before I have lots of fun with you!

During this very intense hypnosis file your mind will leave your body when I start to speak. Totally lost in all the layers of yummy mind control tricks. This trance features classic hypnosis such as progressive relaxation, NLP, arousal triggers, ASMR, IQ reduction, three layers of voices so that you are locked into total confusion, right left ear responsiveness, built in brain waves, and so much more. It is carefully mastered so that it sounds beautiful while still kicking your brain to the curb, and making you rock hard from the start of this truly deep hypnosis file!CLICK TO LISTEN TO SAMPLE NOW!

Length: 26 minutes
Format: mp3 download
Effects: layered voice tracks, with left and right ear separations
Music: yes light with brainwaves added
Overdubbing vocals: yes, many layers of highly effective subliminal programming

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Tagged: arousal trigger, ASMR, brainwashing, deep trance, femdom hypnosis, intelligence draining, love and addiction hypnosis, mind control, post hypnotic suggestion, slave training, triggers, whispers

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