the KEY

by Mistress Leslie
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Release: Apr 2014
Length: 30 minutes

I hold the KEY to your erotic hypnotic submission. By the time this deep beautiful super sexy trance is done you will be done, toast! That’s right you will go down very deeply and want nothing more than to give yourself to Me, and to release your worshipful erotic tribute to Me.

In this deep impact hypnosis session, I use arousal triggers, post hypnotic suggestions, mind control over dubbing, a relaxation countdown, brainwashing techniques, and just good old fashioned seduction. You are likely to fall for Me and go deeper into subspace then you have ever gone before… after all I hold the KEY!

Length: 30 minutes
Format: mp3 download
Effects: yes, skillfully used
Music: yes soft, but a vocal only version is included also!
Overdubbing vocals: yes

Posted in: Addictive & Love for Mistress, Fantasy Erotic Hypnosis, FemDom
Tagged: arousal trigger, brainwashing, conditioning, deep trance, femdom, high heels, love and addiction hypnosis, mind control, post hypnotic suggestion, programming

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