by Mistress Marisa
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Length: 40 minutes

Beyond your mind there’s a place deep inside that activates the most deepest pleasure.
Would you like to go there now.
This 40 minute MP3 file is laced absolutely with the most deepest triggers the most deepest erotic seductive hypnosis that you will fall so softly down into.
Here you will go so deep, so very deep and beyond. Because here is where pleasure begins.
My whispers fill your mind.
Fucking your mind with intense erotic pleasure.
You will crave this addictive pleasure again and again as you go deep for me.
My voice penetrating that deeper part of your mind that takes you to a very dreamy hypnotic place and here you will surrender.
Each sexual whisper weaving softly and so very deeply into your mind activates pleasure.
Throbbing pulsating pleasure that fills you with euphoria. Your mind swept away in lust. Can you imagine pleasure so intensely deep, so compelling so profound. Mmm here you will go beyond.
To a dreamy hypnotic place my words surround you.
Multiple sensuous whispers fuck your mind as you imagine I’m right there with you. Teasing you seductively over and over again. Can you go beyond to feel this orgasmic bliss.

Categories: Brainwash, Masturbation
Tags: brain wash, masturbation, mindfuck, pleasure

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