Brain Fuck Pleasure

by Mistress Marisa
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Release: Mar 2018
Length: 38 minutes

A new brainwash hypnotic audio that will take your mind and give you the most mind melting masturbation addictive pleasure.
Brain fuck pleasure a deeply mesmerizing audio that make your mind melt into a dreamy hypnotic place.
Laced with seductive whispers. Would you like to come with me on this journey of exquisite pleasure.
This thirty eight minute file is packed with sexual pleasure. I’m sure you will enjoy laying back and letting me take you deep.
I must warn you, this hypnosis audio is extremely explicit.
If you enjoy explicit mindfuck files, you will definitely enjoy brain fuck pleasure

Categories: Brainwash, Masturbation, Newly released
Tags: brainwash, euphoria, kiss, lipstick, masturbation, mindfuck, nipple play, oral sex, pleasure, sex, sexual, stilettos, surrender, tease, triggers

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