Brainwash Seduction

by Mistress Marisa
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Release: Apr 2013
Length: 33 minutes

Brain wash seduction is a fantastic masturbation seduction file.
This is a completely revised version from my other website However it has been revised making masturbation more addictive more pleasurable and more hypnotic.
Subliminal whispers caress your mind with deep brain wash pleasure.
Allow my voice to take you deeply into a profound state of erotic hypnotic masturbation pleasure.
Lay back and relax, This powerfully hypnotic brain wash file will take you deeply into a euphoric state of absolute pleasure.
Allow my voice to take you into another realm, a dreamy place, filling your mind with lust, deep sensuous orgasmic lust.
My voice will weave words so deeply inside your mind, those whispers, whisper sexual pleasure that will only trigger more deep intense pleasure.
Combined with Hypnotic subliminal music makes it easy for you to relax while my compelling voice takes you deeply into my hypnotic realm.
Let my voice explore your mind taking you into another dreamy hypnotic state of delicious sexual pleasure.
This 33 minute file is laced with sensuous whispers that trigger deeper arousal.
Embedded with binaural beats that will enhance your hypnotic sexual pleasure on a much deeper level. Giving you deeply amazing intense orgasmic pleasure.

Categories: Brainwash, Masturbation
Tags: brainwash, deep, hypnosis, intense, masturbation, mindfuck, pleasure, triggers

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