Compulsive Addiction Tease and Denial

by Mistress Marisa
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Do you want to go deep. Need to feel how good it feels to obey? Do you enjoy the sound of stilettos? Do you enjoy the compelling aroma of leather? Would you like to join me now in a dreamy sensuous erotic place where I take complete control, and make you feel an insatiable rush of euphoric pleasure. This thirty minute erotic hypnosis audio file will take you into a journey of hypnotic obedience. Temptations, delicious pleasure is waiting for you now. This hypnosis audio will leave you throbbing and pulsation with lust. Teased and denied You will enjoy this compulsive addictive file if you desire and crave stiletto worship bare foot worship and well you know don't you. Don't try to cum! No No maybe next time!

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