Dirty Bitch

by Mistress Marisa
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Audio No longer available for purchase
Release: 2008
Length: 37:05

This slut training recording is designed with an iduction, a soft gentle induction. Then changes to become almost pornagraphic, Mistress makes you surrender. Mistress makes you want to work as her dungeon bitch girl. Strap-on training is a must. You will take it. You will enjoy it, want it, crave it.You will be forced to serve male clients you have no choice. This is Intoxicating and very horny, Includes 3-dimensional effects helping emphasise and weave together the web of words and suggestions embedded in the background. You feel as if Mistress is in the room with you. Amazing effects creating hypno-Peripheral Processing combining hypnotic music background. This recording is over 37mins of sheer slut-training hornyness. Intense orgasmic ending.

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