Drift Masturbation Loop

by Mistress Marisa
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Length: 12 minutes

Drift masturbation loop has been created to enhance your masturbation pleasure.
My voice surrounding you, 3d whispers taking you to a dreamy hypnotic place, compelling your mind on a much deeper level.
This is an intense masturbation file that you can loop and listen to again and again it will only bring pleasure.
Deep horny seductive pleasure. You can only imagine now as you begin to imagine how you will feel while you listen to this dreamy masturbation pleasure file.
Subliminal whispers will weave softly through your mind making you drift into hypnosis. Sexual dreamy whispers surround you while you let yourself go.
Deeper pleasure envelopes your mind as you listen again and again. The more you listen the more pleasure you feel.
Let your mind Drift along, feel and hear those Multiple whispers that trigger sexual arousal much deeper here.
Looping this 12 minute file will compel you more giving you higher levels of multi orgasmic masturbation pleasure.
Can you imagine feeling this intense euphoria over and over again. Compelled to feel how good it feels to drift.
Would you like to drift deeper. How deep, can you go now. Perhaps you can go deeper than ever before.
Looping this file for even more pleasure.

Categories: Loops, Masturbation
Tags: erotic, intense, loop, masturbation, pleasure, sexual

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