Enforced Feminization

by Mistress Marisa
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Length: 35 minutes

Do you crave been feminized. Do you want to be sensuously forced into feminine clothing and enjoy how good it feels to feel more feminine pleasure.
You won’t find any humiliation in this file or any of my feminising files.
But you will find feminine arousal. You will drift into a dreamy place and let go as my voice softly fills your mind with exquisite feminine pleasure.
Forced to dress as a women. I choose what you wear and you just love my selection of silk lingerie, silk stockings panties.
Because it feels even better when you wear mine.
Let your mind relax more as you listen to those hypnotic whispers taking you to a dreamy feminine place.
You will crave more of this sensuous pleasure.
Like a good girl you sink into 35 minutes of seductive feminine orgasmic bliss.

Category: Feminization
Tags: enforced, erotic, feminine, feminized, masturbation, nipple play, pleasure


Enforced feminisation there's no going back now. Let me voice take you deep into erotic sensuous pleasure. I do not use humilation in any of my files. Here you will enjoy been forced in a more erotic sensuous way. All you need to do now is relax. Lay back Take a deep breath and relax more. Subliminal whispers will flow deep inside your mind. Can you imagine how good you will feel in silk stockings and silky panties. Enforced feminisation is a feminising file that guides you down into deep relaxation, then there is no going back. Compelled here you are forced to wear silk stockings and panties, my silk panties and my silk stockings. Deep down you will enjoy this feminising file. It will enhance your feminine side. This file has been created so that listening again and again you experience more pleasure. It will deepen your feminine side. This file is just over 34 minutes in length. It has been created with the same subliminal music as other fem files and contains multiple whispers and triggers to make your hypnotic experience much more pleasurable. You will feel compelled to listen again and again as often as you wish and experience higher levels of multi orgasmic masturbation pleasure.

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