Enforced Feminization (Old Version)

by Mistress Marisa
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Audio No longer available for purchase
Release: Mar 2011
Length: 45 minutes

How would you feel if you were to feel amazing pleasure.
Sensuous pleasure were I make you my sweet good girl. Drawing you even closer.
With a soft subliminal induction, embedded hypnotic whispers that envelope you.
Soft hypnotic music accompanies my voice as I guide you into my dungeon.
You are here to be my slut girl and you love it.
I apply your makeup making your lips red and soaking wet.
I dress you in silk stockings thong and soft red leather corset.
Stiletto heels that fit you perfectly. Mmm my pretty girl.
This hypnosis recording has many triggers for more arousal.
Nipple play slow masturbation and of course I take you very slowly with my strap-on cock. You want to be feminine don’t you?
Follow my instructions and you will desire more.
45 minutes of sensational hypnotic sexual arousing pleasure that can be looped should you wish to.

Tags: arousing, feminization, hypnotic, masturbation, pleasure, sensuous, silk, strap-on

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