Enigma Seduction

by Mistress Marisa
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Length: 36 minutes

She is deliciously sensuous, sexy, has a powerful way of hypnotising you.
Weaving sensuous powerful whispers deep in your mind.
Her ability to mysteriously appear anywhere any time will turn you on.
Because you know when she appears, you feel a deep sense of erotic pleasure.
Here, the sound effects have been created to make arousal even more intense.
She’s addictive. She can be just a shadow that you don’t even notice.
Her mysterious power makes you crave more. You’ll find her arousing your senses making you, her fantasy you will desire to feel her close.
She can morph anywhere anytime when she’s hungry for pleasure.
Enigma seduction an extremely mysterious mind blowing hypnosis fantasy file.
Your walk in the woods gave you more pleasure than you could have ever expected.
One that will take you into intense hypnotic orgasmic pleasure. Enigma is an insatiable seductress she can morph anywhere any time hungry with lust.
She can enter your room at any time. where all you will feel is intense pleasure.
This 36 minute 3d file is filled with hypnotic sexual ecstasy. Enigma, she really takes you deep in more ways than one.
Her stunning body and seductive mind seduces you perfectly, in ways that make you crave desire and want more.
This powerful fantasy erotic hypnosis file is laced with triggers special 3d sound effects to make you feel even more pleasure.
Enigma is so sensuously mysterious and she takes you like you’ve never been taken before.
Yes, you will definitely want Enigma following you home over and over again. All you need to do is lay back and enjoy the ride.
If you enjoy dreamy fantasies of absolute lust.
Then your only desire is to please her. Because her compelling seductive approach leaves you craving so much more.

Categories: Masturbation, Seductress
Tags: erotic, fantasy, hypnosis, masturbation, mysterious, nipple play, oral, pleasure, profound, sex, sexual

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