Hot as a fever

by Mistress Marisa
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Release: Aug 2012
Length: 42 minutes

Hot as a fever newly revised
Would you like to go deeper into a dreamy hypnotic place.
A place where I fuck your mind with hypnotic sexual bliss.
Here in trance when you focus on that stillness, you will fall, as you breath my voice deeply into your mind.
Relax with the induction, allow your mind to hear all you need to hear now.
Floating through space and time here alone with me, safe and secure as you drift away deeper. This extensive forty two minute hypnosis file has been created to mesmerize compelling you to feel more arousing pleasure, makes you want more.
You want to obey with each breath you take, you want to belong here in my world don’t you!
Bathed in ecstasy surrounded by whispers you obey every word.
Enter my realm now and feel how good it feels to let go for pleasure.

Category: Masturbation
Tags: dreamy, erotic, euphoria, fantasy, hypnosis, hypnotic, masturbation, nipple play, orgasmic, pleasure, sensuous, tease, trance, triggers, whispers


Hot as a fever A seductive erotic hypnosis file another popular file for guys who enjoy a long slow tease. followed by intense orgasmic bliss. A deepening induction will take you into that sensuous dreamy trance. Going to that dreamy place where you feel only pleasure. My voice surrounds you in this surreal dreamy place. Whispers surround you so triggers activate pleasure. This 42 minute file will compel and enchant you as my voice weaves in and out of your mind giving you more and more pleasure. Floating through space and time in sensuous seductive pleasure. You desire to feel more arousal and here you will

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