Hypnotic Seductress

by Mistress Marisa
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Audio No longer available for purchase
Release: Jan 2011
Length: 30 minutes

New hypnotic file created Jan 2011. This new 30 minute brainwash seduction will take you deeper
Into my realm of deep desiring pleasure.
Desire to masturbate as you imagine your laying
On a soft velvet couch, your head in my lap
My fingers softly stroking your face while those
Whispers trigger a reaction deep down, intense pleasure will
Take you, into sensuous arousal.
You desire more.
Your nipples trigger more intense pleasure as my voice slides into your mind.
Whispers seduce your mind and you will obey your hypnotic seductress.

Tags: brainwash, erotic, hypnotic, masturbation, obey, sensuous, surrender,

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