Hypnotic Erotic Dream

by Mistress Marisa
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Audio No longer available for purchase
Release: Mar 2011
Length: 42 minutes

I wonder have you ever had a dream, a sensuous dream a hypnotic dream.
A dream that was so vivid it felt so real.
Imagine how good it would feel, to indulge your senses and feel intense arousing pleasure.
Allow my voice to guide you through the hypnosis induction.
Feel those sensuous whispers as you fall deeper.
This recording is very hypnotic, laced with whispers.
My warm breath surrounds you and this makes you feel more aroused.
This is a very sensuous very horny recording where I take you through
An enchanted forest to a door that leads you into the pleasure room to feel deeper pleasure.
Red silk sheets drape the large bed, the candle lit room is so mesmerizing
This is truly a masturbation pleasure file.
Imagine my hand gliding up and down that cock.
42 minutes of evocative hypnotic pleasure.

Tags: dream, hypnotic, masturbation, pleasure, sensuous

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